What Factors Could Make Your Freezer Frost Over?

Opening your freezer only to find its walls encrusted with sheets of ice can be a massive pain; even thin layers of frost can limit the space available within, and as it grows it can continue to reduce your freezer’s real estate, as well as impede its overall functionality and even limit your ability to close the door! So what are the different factors that can lead to this unpleasant situation?

The frosting effect within a freezer is primarily brought on by moisture finding its way inside, and that includes small amounts in the air: slowly over time, it accumulates and forms ever- growing layers, both on the walls and over any foodstuffs you may be storing there. Leaving a freezer door open for long intervals can exacerbate the matter, but if you’re not in the habit of doing this then make sure there aren’t other ways water can make its way in. Is the lining around the freezer door sealing properly? Is the door closing all the way? Make sure nothing inside is blocking the door (that includes pre-existing frost buildup) and that the lining is still pliable and flush along the entire length of the door’s frame.

Hot items inside the freezer can result in frosting as well: they freezer’s systems may be overtaxed trying to compensate for the heat, plus the hot item can melt tiny amounts of fluid from the already-frozen inventory, adding to the buildup. Even non-heated foods can result in water making its way within the freezer if they aren’t dry when placed inside. And thin, unsecured containers with liquids inside can seep their contents if not properly sealed.

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